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Helpful Travel Tips

Why Use a Travel Professional?

In the technology age of find it quick and easy on-line, you may be thinking, why should I use a travel agent?  So to help you answer that question here are our favorite reasons:

1. Who Ya Gonna Call?

What would you do if the hotel has lost your reservation? What would you do if the car rental agency has run out of cars? Specifically, who are you going to call? Who's going to help you? The hotel? The car rental company? They don't care. You're just one person. Losing you as a guest or a customer is no big deal. Basically, you're on your own. About all you can do is hit the streets and hope that something comes up... If you book through a travel agent, all you have to do is make one simple phone call. And everything will be taken care of. Will the hotel assist your agent? Will the car rental company assist your agent? Of course they will, because now they're dealing with someone who has the potential to send either hundreds of guests, or no guests at all. From a purely business perspective, a travel agency can send thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands of dollars), or no dollars at all...

2.It is not just about price

You look to travel agents to provide the best overall solution to your individual travel needs. By asking tons of questions up front, an agent can provide a relevant needs assessment. This can include dates, quality or location of accommodation or stateroom, cancellation policy, recreational amenities, the ease of doing business, etc. No two customers are alike. What works for one may not work for another.

3.Show me the Money (I saved)

Saving money is not just about price. It is more about value. If the hotel was not the right location, if the cruise line was not the right cruise line, if the golf course was not the right golf course.it does not matter how much you saved. One can save a ton of money and be miserable or spend a little more to be in heaven. A travel agent can recommend relevant offerings and also provide cost saving strategies. Moving a date, changing the location of a room/cabin, being open to flight options, etc., all can save money. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary so an agent will help you find the best value without the sacrifices of a cheap trip.

4.I already have a Job!

If you have an agent that you trust, then you don't need to spend what little free time you have, scouring the web, trying to piece everything together-- flights, cars, rooms, etc. In addition, your agent might be working with transfer and car rental companies that you simply don't have access to, and in many cases, even hotels and airlines that you don't have access to. An agent is someone who has taken the time and made the commitment to be the best so you don't have to make planning your vacation a second job!

Let's finish with a little story...

No different than most of the rest of us, Bill wanted a fantastic vacation at a fantastically low price. Bill is pretty web savvy, and he had spent hours searching for the vacation he wanted.

Our agent went to work and coordinated the entire trip: Airfare, rental car, the resort, and all the excursions.

When all was said and done, Bill was presented with an incredible value. However, Bill was convinced that he could get a better price. So he went back out to the web in search of a better deal. And indeed he found it-airfare that was $20 per seat lower than what our agent had found for him. So he booked it.


On the way there...

• Bill's flight arrived at the airport in the middle of the night (after several delays and connections)

• By the time he landed, the car rental company was closed for the night

• Bill's bags didn't make it to his destination

On the way home...

• His flight left very early in the morning

• Due to the distance from the airport, he had to leave the resort at 3:00 am

• The car rental company was not open yet.

Physical Results:

• Bill had to spend the first night near the airport

• Bill had to spend the last night near the airport

• Bill had to rent his car from a more expensive company

• The web site that Bill booked his travel through didn't offer travel insurance to pay for replacing his missing items

• Bill's 7-night stay at the resort was now a 5-night stay

Monetary Results:

• Bill saved $40 on the airfare by booking it himself Bill spent an additional $300 on:

• The two nights near the airport

• The rental car

• Replacing clothes and other personal items that never made it to his destination

Net Result:

• Bill's vacation was $260 more than it would have been if he had just booked the package that our agent had coordinated.

Our agents know what it takes to coordinate a great vacation that is the best value for you. We live by the motto "you get what you pay for" so, do you want to spend a little more for a great trip or waste a couple thousand on the cheapest option?

Travel Consultants are for people who want to travel fairly worry-free and who have better things to do than to sit for hours surfing the internet for the cheapest prices.

Travel consultants can give you :

Personalized service and unbiased information.

They can help you with travel insurance and give you information on visa requirements.

Travel consultants can translate the details in the fine print of an offer that you may miss.

The best part is that our services are free to you. We are paid commissions from cruise lines, tour operators, hotels and resorts, car rental companies, insurance providers, etc.

We encourage you to research your destinationand the offers that are out there, but then come to us for the personalized service you deserve. Remember that with the exception of airline tickets, the suppliers are paying us for our services and you pay nothing extra.

In the late 90's, airlines stopped paying travel agent's commissions, so we had to begin charging a service fee for issuing tickets. It is often well worth the $30 fee we charge for the service you get in return.

For example, last summer, one of our clients was stuck in Seattle when American Airlines grounded half of their fleet of 727's taking them out of service for maintenance. American told our clients that they wouldnt be able to get them out of Seattle for 3 days. When the clients called our office for help we were able to re-accommodate them to fly home later that day on a different airline at no additional charge. If you book your flights on-line, who do you call if your caught in this situation ? You are at the airlines mercy. Unfortunately, if you book on-line, we cannot help you. The reservation you made is "owned" by the on-line company and we do not hace access to it. So, without a travel consultant, your on your own.